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The new PARE Help Centre has replaced email support requests to the PARE team, as the process for raising and tracking all new requests/enquiries. The info@onlinepare.net email address is no longer supported. To contact the PARE team you will need to click the Help Centre at the top right of the PARE screen. From the Help Centre you can click the 'Create Support Ticket' link and follow the options to raise a new request or query. Responses to your requests will continue to be sent to you registered email address and you can reply directly as needed, or alternatively you can access your tickets and respond to comments, via the 'My Tickets' link at the top of the Help Centre screen (or the 'Support Tickets' link at the top of the PARE screen if you have open tickets). All feedback on the new process is very welcome and can be submitted via a ticket.

  • Claim A Learner

    This section allows you to assign yourself to a learner under your mentorship. The assignment of educators is normally undertaken by the placement educator lead (team manager), but in some instances this is not possible. We recommend liaising with your placement educator lead (team manager) before assigning yourself to a learner.

    PARE Hospital - Test Ward
    No unassigned learners found
  • Your Assigned Placement Areas

    You are assigned to the following placement areas. If any of this information is incorrect, please contact your Placement Educator Lead

    View Placement Senior Admins

    Total placement areas found: 1

    Placement Areas Placement Educator Leads
    PARE Hospital - Test Ward

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